Customer Quotes

Customer quotes

Here is what former customers say:

“Dear, Yalew
Thanks so much for your hospitality and company during our trip to the Simiens last week.  Our trek was fantastic but we enjoyed the short time we were able to spend with you and the muleteers.  How is business going on with you, i hope every thing is going on well with you because you are honest and kind for every body.  I look forward to seeing you again someday in the future, but until then I wish you and your family well and thank you again for being so helpful.

“Dear Yalew
I hope this e-mail finds you very well.  We wanted to thank you again for a most wonderful tour of the Simien Mountains National Park and the city tour in Gondar.  And your very special knowledge of the area. I really feel that because of you I saw more than the average tourist.  I am so grateful to you.  We will always remember such a wonderful and beautiful place and our conversations with you.  Say hello all members of the group cook, scout, and mule hurdlers.
All the best

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My website has been created and is hosted by one of my former customers, Evi, as a Thank You for the guiding services I provided. Click here to see her diary of her journey through Northern Ethiopia.


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